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Matthew Ferrari, PhD

Matthew FerrariMatthew Ferrari, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of biology at the Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics at Penn State University. Dr. Ferrari’s research focuses on statistical modeling of spatial and temporal dynamics of infectious diseases. He is currently involved in analysis of long-term spatio-temporal data on measles incidence in Niger with a goal towards understanding seasonal patterns of transmission and the role of spatial connectivity, both within Niger and across national boundaries, in the predictability of outbreaks and regional persistence of measles. As a part of the Vaccine Modeling Initiative (VMI), his efforts will focus on estimation of relevant disease specific parameters in the Niger region and the coordination of regional epidemiological data.

Alan MacEachren, PhD

Alan MacEachrenAlan MacEachren, PhD, is an American geographer, Professor of Geography and Director, GeoVISTA Center, Department of Geography, The Pennsylvania State University. He is known for his cross-disciplinary work in the fields of human-centered geographic visualization, scientific and information visualization, and in statistics.

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