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Nathan Stone, PhD

Nathan StoneNathan Stone, PhD, received his doctorate degree in nuclear experimental physics from Michigan State University. He is a senior research analyst with the Advanced Systems Group at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center. He has worked with the VMI to create a spatially-explicit vector model of Dengue for the purposes of exploring spatially-dependent control and intervention strategies. He also has experience in custom cyber-infrastructure and multi-site collaborative science involving High Performance Computing platforms. At Carnegie Mellon University, he is a research physicist and teaches advanced computational physics. Nathan is also a guest lecturer in computational physics at the University of Pittsburgh. Since 2007, he has refereed publications and proposals for the National Science Foundation, the Journal of Supercomputing and the TeraGrid conference series.

Shawn T. Brown, PhD

Shawn BrownShawn T. Brown, PhD, is the Director of Public Health Applications at the Pittsburgh Supercompuitng Center and the lead of the NIH MIDAS Network Software Working Group. His current research interests are in using simulations for informed decision support, vaccine supply chains in developing nations, agent-based modeling of disease dynamics and the use of high-performance computing in simulation and modeling. He is a Co-Investigator for the National Institute of Health (NIH) Modeling of Infectious Diseases Agent Study (MIDAS) and Co-Principle Investigator on the MIDAS Information Technology Resource at RTI International and the Vaccine Modeling Initiative, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He is also the lead of the TeraGrid Common Users Environments Working Group. His previous positions include Senior Scientific Specialist at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center and Research Scientist at Q-Chem, Inc. Dr. Brown received his PhD in Quantum Chemistry at the University of Georgia and his B.S. in Chemistry at Bethany College, WV.

Joel Welling, PhD

Joel WellingJoel Welling, PhD, holds a PhD in computational gravitational physics, is a long term employee of the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center. At the PSC he is the senior visualization specialist and has written a number of open source visualization tools. In addition Welling does a variety of tasks dealing with processor architecture and parallel software performance. He teaches computational physics for the CMU Physics Department, and has taught computer graphics for CMU Computer Science. While at the PSC, Welling has done research with a variety of groups.He spent several years working on the analysis of functional brain imaging data with a group at the CMU Department of Statistics. The statistics and signal processing aspects of fMRI led to work on processing of astronomical telescope data. Welling is the primary author of HERMES, a discrete event simulation of the distribution of vaccines to clinics.

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